Humiliation is a force

In the United States, called a Cooper's university graduates can not find a job in Runescape Power leveling, he decided to try the company's George. Cooper is a radio enthusiast, from an early age worship radio industry veteran George, George, if he can accept, he would like to, he can certainly learn a lot in the future can be the same as George in the radio industry has made great achievements. When George Cooper knocked on the door, George is to concentrate on study of wireless phones, that is, we are now commonly used in mobile phones. Cooper in his mind for a long time, carefully in the face of George spoke out. He said: "Dear George, I would like to become a member of your company, if we can stay on your side, your assistant, so much the better. Of course, I do not seek treatment ... ..." Who knows, Cooper finished yet, and so on, George would be rude to him, then interrupted. George looked at with disdain in the eyes of Cooper said: "I would like to ask you what year of graduation? How long do radio?" Treasury rate Patan said: "George, I was at university graduates this year, has never done radio work, but I like this ... ..." George once again rudely interrupted Cooper: "The young people I see you please go out, and I do not want to see you, please do not waste my time." Cooper's fear was uneasy when she felt calm down, he calmly said: "Mr. George, I know you are busy now, what you study in the wireless mobile phone, right? Maybe I can help you The busy! " Although Cooper is able to guess their own research project and was surprised, but George still feel that this young man before too naive, not enough for their own use, he firmly on the Age Of Conan Power Leveling of the order for guests to leave. One day in 1973, a man standing on the streets of New York, with about a large brick two wireless phones, attracted passers-by stood one after another eye-catching. This man is the inventor of cell phones • Martin Cooper. At that time, Cooper in the United States of Motorola engineers and technicians. Cooper said: "George, I now use a portable radio telephone call with you." George could not think of how, when his door was really young in their development before a wireless mobile phone - cell phones. Now, cell phones have become indispensable in the daily lives of people of communication, and Martin Cooper • name was well known. • Martin to be interviewed by reporters when Cooper asked: "If you were at that time to accept George, you would certainly assist in the completion of George's mobile phone development, and this is certainly the credit of George, is not it?" • Martin Cooper replied: "No, if at the time George took me, and I became George's assistant, we may never see the development of the mobile phone now, precisely because he rejected me, has been cut off so that I would like to learn from him the idea, so I Only to re-blazing a path of the development of mobile phones, and succeeded. The right of way is called the humiliation, I will be George I of the humiliation of progress has become the driving force. If there is no such power, even if I do not necessarily join hands with George Be able to complete the development. "

Wealth is suffering or humiliation?

On one occasion in the gathering, some of the most successful businessmen, laughing star, including a well-known automobile business • Elton John. Elton to his Runescape Money, and later became the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill recalled his past - he was born in a remote town, the untimely death of their parents, older sister is helping people do the laundry, do the housework, he will be hard to make money for adult care. Buy Age Of Conan Power Leveling, married sister, brother-in-law to drive his uncle, aunt very harsh in his study, only a day for a meal, have to clean up the barn and cut the lawn. Just work as apprentices, he simply can not afford to rent a house, close to more than one year are hiding in the outskirts of a warehouse used to sleep ... ... Churchill asked in surprise: "In the past, how you have heard of these?" Lord smiled and said: "What's it say? Are suffering from or are suffering of the people who do not have the right to complain." In the life Frustrated, suffering for a long time the car maker said: "The suffering into wealth is conditional, the condition is, you overcome the suffering and misery away from no longer suffering. Only this time, your suffering is something to be proud of a Pen life of wealth. You are listening to other people's suffering, do not you think that by suffered in the study, you will feel strong, worthy of respect. But if you are suffering or not suffering from entanglement in what you say ? In listening to other people, is tantamount to a request or even beg cheap sympathy at this time ... ... Can you say that you are enjoying the suffering in the suffering of the quality of training, learned how tough it? Other people will think you are playing in the spirit of Victory for the self-anesthesia. " Elton's remarks, Churchill to be revised so that his "love for the suffering" of the creed. In his autobiography, he wrote: wealth is suffering or humiliation? When you overcome the suffering, it is your wealth; can beat you when suffering, it is your humiliation.

In fact, becoming rich is very simple

U.S. millionaire J R Xinpuluote first pig relying only make ends meet. Later, Runescape Gold II broke out, he had a chance: the front-line combat units require a large amount of dehydrated vegetables. So make a prompt decision on the loan, then bought two of the nation's largest vegetable dehydration plant, specialized potatoes to the front-line supply of dehydration. After two years, New York, a chemist developed a frozen French fries, many people look down at the time of this product, this skeptical, but Xinpuluote think this is a promising new military products , The current line of soldiers in the trenches, chewing open when eating like this will certainly thought, he decided to decisively on a large number of deep-fried potato production, the supply of products to come out after the front-line soldiers, the highly popular. More importantly, this time in the U.S. market, became an instant hit, he made a profit of money. But soon enough, found Age Of Conan Power Leveling fried potatoes of the process, each using only about half of the potatoes, the remaining half have been thrown away as waste. He thought: Why not put it together with the rest of the potatoes to make use of it? Xinpuluote so in this mix in the remaining potatoes, corn used for livestock feed, with single-skin potatoes on the front line of keeping the 150,000 Ma . Since then, Xinpuluote began pondering, the front-line troops millions of vehicles every day bear the heavy military transport tasks, the consumption of gasoline is not out of a small number. If you can be part of alternative energy sources to replace gasoline, will be able to profit. He also seize this opportunity, in order to produce potato-based alcohol fuel additive. At the same time, Xinpuluote processing potatoes also have a rich sugar content of waste water for irrigation of farmland on the outskirts of Ohio at the time, and potatoes to feed the horses have a collection of horse manure, as a gas power plant materials. In this way, the entire World War II, the Xinpuluote potato products output value of more than 10 billion dollars in profit 600,000,000 U.S. dollars. Today, the property is still Xinpuluote row in the United States before the rich 300. In the recent celebration of the 60th anniversary of the victory of World War II, the U.S. government reward on his freedom of a gold medal victory in recognition of his World War II set in the supply of credit for military supplies. In his summing up when they start the course, the old people say: "I have been guided by a simple and predictable of the two principles, one is the major sake; The second is by no means a waste of property." In fact, becoming rich is very simple, think about the major issues, from the start Department will do. Cang Xin Gang days of the Japanese written by "The Book of Tea", so there is an interesting story: the division of tea Sen no Rikyu son looked at a small garden clean Um. When his son to complete its work, saying not enough clean tea division, asking him once again. Um less then spent an hour and then sweep Park. Then he said: "The father has had no role to play. Washed three stone, stone lanterns are polished many times. Saguo red trees of water, also radiates with moss green. Not a leaf left on the ground." Tea Teachers have denounced: "a fool, this is not a clean garden. Jiepi it might look like." Then he stepped into the garden, a tree shaking force, to reveal a gold and red leaves. Tea division, said cleaning garden is not only asking for clean, natural and also called for the United States. Happy work is actually very simple to do to bring the issue to the United States, the natural thing to do on some of the line. You can not become rich, is not your vision is not very far? Is not your behavior is not specific? The success or failure of the details of the decision, the fine for each step, to do everything beautiful, yet ultimately unsuccessful worry about it? Career planning, vision, the establishment of a number of Gaoyuan, the next move in this direction will do. Not all will become rich, not all will succeed, not because there are no major right goal, and that is not natural, social harmony and plans to conduct, not the wrong direction, that is not a good solid step in every step